For almost 40 years HVG has been a stalwart supporter of the independent and diverse press and the freedom of speech.


HVG Publishing Group is one of the independent, authentic and innovative content providers in Hungary. We publish magazines, periodicals and books and also operate websites and mobile app sites. The flagship product of the group is HVG (Heti Világgazdaság – Weekly World Economy) a magazine published since 1979. The group’s platform with the biggest reach is visited by more than 1.5 million people every week to seek information, news and analyses. We also organize the biggest job fair – HVG Állásbörze – and scores of other conferences as well.

More than 100 volumes per year (informative books for children among others) and many fully crowded events – that is HVG Books which has become one of the most important publishing houses in Hungary producing best-selling books on business, management, psychology, self-awareness, life style, journalism and biographies.

We work to provide spectacular, interesting and easily understandable multimedia content for our readers and costumers.

Our Values

knowledge quality authenticity independence teamwork ethical operation flexibility innovation creativity reader satisfaction loyalty courage


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Zsolt Reviczky


What is so wonderful about HVG? Its urge to inform its readers objectively, the team working here, the high-quality work and professional attitude.

Fanni Czeglédi


At HVG everybody is an equal member of the team and uniformly dedicated to objectivity, independence and diversity.

Ágnes Kormos


I like that people pay attention to each other and take their jobs seriously. I also like that we are a company not big enough to not to know each other but big enough to everybody have a definite scope of tasks.

Alexandra Ferencz

Scrum master

I have always been very of fond of HVG because of its fine, complex analyses and, last but not least, because of its independence. As soon as I found out that the development department works by the Agile method, I could see that the teams were just big enough to operate by this method effectively.

György Kenyeres

Database analyst

I see HVG as a high-quality brand. I expected well organized working processes and well-trained, ready and helpful colleagues – and I was proven right. And the coffee is excellent too – a surprising extra.


Editor-in-chief of

Why HVG? Because I have colleagues whose articles I have been reading since I was 16.


Besides taking on the usual journalist tasks and propagating right goals the people who work for the HVG Publishing Group also visit a school in one of Hungary’s underdeveloped regions every year and take the Brainpower Experience Day to the children living there. At this event schoolchildren get a glimpse of knowledge from various fields of science – from the animal world through the environment to playful forms of mathematics – by playing games. Our colleges – who take on the role of game masters – prepare various knowledge-based but funny games based on the Brainpower Books published by HVG Books. In 2017 we visited Körösszakál, while in 2018 it was Tarnabod’s turn.


Boredom is out of question at HVG Jam.

Throughout the year once or even more times a week we offer tickets to the movies, theatres, concerts, exhibitions or other events to our colleagues.
For those who are more into sports we offer discounts on training courses.